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Q. percentage

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Hi Deepa,

You have put only "percentage" and not specific question. So I assume that you want to understand the "percentage" concept.

Here it is :

Topic : Arithmetic - Percentage


In simple terminology  Percentage means out of 100

For easy understanding think like percent is made up of  per  cent  means per 100

Example: Let understand it with few examples 

  • 45%  means  45 out of 100  or 45/100
  • 120%  means  120 per 100  or 120/100
  • If you say 50% of  total 100 Books are in English then it means  50 out of 100 books are in English, but if total books are 200 then 50% of 200 means :  (50/100) * 200  = 100 books are in English.

Usefullness:  Percentage are quite useful in comparing items. See example below.

Let's say A got  18 marks out of 25 and B got 35 marks out of 50. Who got better marks ?

Just by seeing above it would be difficult to know.  But if we convert to percentage it would be quite easy.

Converting  A's marks   into percentage  18/25  means  72/100 = 72% (multiplying numerator and denominator by 4)

Converting  B's marks   into percentage  35/50  means  70/100 = 70% (multiplying numerator and denominator by 2)

A got 72%

B got 70%

So we can easily  find that A got better marks as 72 is higher than 70

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