Student: Simrine

Q. What is the difference between a cube of side 2m and 2m^2

Answer :

Hi Simrine,   Thanks for your interest in maths-hub.

Your question is not clear. Assuming you want to know what is the difference of vloume and surface area for cubes with sides given.

Here is the solution

Topic : Mensuration - Cube, Cylinder, Cone

Concept: Cube of side "a"   Volume = a3  and surface area = 6a2

Method :  

First cube : Volume = (2m)3  and surface area = 6(2m)2

So Volume = 8m3  and Total surface area = 24m2

Second cube : Volume = (2m2)3  and surface area = 6(2m2)2

So Volume = 8m6  and Total surface area = 24m4

Difference in Volume =  8m6  -  8m3  =  8m3(m3-1)

Difference in Total Surface Area =  24m4  -  24m2  =  24m2(m2-1)

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