Student: Amit Yogi

Q. How to solve time and work related problems? These are really very confusing.

Answer :

Yes Amit, Many students find these time-work related word problems very tricky. But if concept and method is well understood, they are really simple to solve it. Here is the way :

Topic: Arithmetic, Time and work

Keep in mind is that Resources and Time are inversely proportional. i.e. If there are more resources (i.e. people), time required to complete the work would be less and if there are less resources time taken would be more. 

Let`s understand it through an example.
Example problem : Anu can complete certain piece of work in 15 days and Seema can complete same piece of work in 30 days. How much time they will take to complete the work if they work together?

Method and Solution:
Here resources are Anu & Seema and need to find the amount of time needed for  work to be completed.
    Anu`s 1 day work    = 1/15 
    Seema`s 1 day work  = 1/30

Now if both works together, obviously work can be completed faster as 2 resources are working on it. Right?
    1 day work of Anu + Seema =  1/15 + 1/30 = 3/30 = 1/10
Hence whole work can be completed in 1/(1/10)  =  10 days 
So whole work can be completed in 10 days if they work together.

Note : Amount of time taken by working together is lesser than their individual time i.e. 15 days or 30 days which is logical.
Is it simple or not!! smiley


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